A savory update to the Civilized Waffles

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I just wanted to post a quick update to the Savory Waffles post.

After the delicious results from the modified waffle recipe from Against All Grain, I wanted more. The hubby was in agreement as well, but wanted to do the waffles properly, more closely following the recipe with benedict and all! And so it was, and it was once again amazing! The bacon and chives add so much more flavor to the waffles, as well as a fantastically rich texture. The fresh waffles are so crunchy, and while they have a wonderfully light, airy middle, the bacon adds an additional savory crunch to every bite. In many ways it reminds me of chop block bread, but even more awesome! I’m excited to experiment with these more, perhaps adding in some sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, maybe even a cheese. Sounds like a modified breakfast pizza will be in the near future….

The second part of the recipe, the Hollandaise sauce, was interesting. Not quite as sauce-like was we were anticipating, though that may have been chef error (guess we’ll just have to try making it again), it still had an amazing flavor that only got better as it mingled in with the egg yolk and started soaking into the waffle.

All in all this was another amazing brunch. Eating out on the porch I felt like we were at our own little bistro complete with exceptional food and the best company (thank you honey!). Can’t wait till next weekend to experiment some more!

For the full on recipe details and mastermind behind more award-winning recipes, please visit Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain.

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