My life’s work in a nutshell, including print, web and everything in-between.

Solar Power.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Design a series of print ads that highlight the latest developments in clean energy by FJA Christiansen. In addition to design, I also worked on the […]

Get Smarter.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a look for the continuing business education conference that can be used and implemented across a variety of media including email newsletters, websites, print materials […]

When Flying Pigz Designz

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a new website design for an independent designer who’s focus was non-profit organizations. This project was in collaboration with Keystone Click, who handled the web […]

The Metavante club

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a feel that visually read high-end dining at the ballpark. I composited the main visual from a few different photos, and tied the rest of the […]

Funjet at play.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a series of magazine ads based on the idea of game play. The teaser as is a “fake” ad with the outlines for some random […]

Oracular: the new look!

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Redesign and refresh the company website with personality and professionalism. We gave a face to the corporation by featuring the people who make the company what […]

Oracular on display.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a new trade show display to reflect the new company brand. At the point of design, the rebranding was very much in-progress and slowly moving throughout the […]

Snowboarder Outlet.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a new shopping cart site for the newly developed Sister site to, the target audience for this site is much more narrow, more […]

Skier’s Outlet.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a fresh, new look for the existing Skier’s Outlet website using the existing framework and content management system. This was one of my first major […]


Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Using the state of Wisconsin as the primary visual, incorporate the feeling of music and rhythm in this flyer/poster for the Wisconsin Wind Ensemble’s summer concert. […]

Kill boredom.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a general display board for campus and community events that visually communicates what Reeve Union is all about. Tweet

Piet Zwart.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a visual narrative, exemplifying the unique design style of designer and typographer Piet Zwart. This piece won the Graphic Design Award back in 2004. Tweet

A New Direction for UWO.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Completely rebrand the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The concept – direction. Give the University a fresh look while maintaining a progressive approach towards the future. Tweet

After Hours.

Pin It   OBJECTIVE: Create a giveaway item for special events that gives students a taste of what the Union has to offer musically. Tweet

Pepsi Vending revamp.

Pin It OBJECTIVE: Create a custom events board to maximise visibility of Union events, and what better way to do that than tap the most highly trafficked area of campus, the vending […]