The Selfie Project: Day 1, The Straw House

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Today is the start of my new project, The Selfie Project. The goal is simple: take and post one selfie per day. The challenge will be in remembering to make those efforts towards not only taking a photo of myself, but to then also post a little something (hopefully interesting) about that photo. It’s been a little too long since I’ve done much with my own photography, and even longer since I’ve written any blog posts, so this will be a good project to get me back in the habit.

So that’s the project, and to start things off, today’s photo finds me in the production shop of First Stage, on what will soon be the set of The Three Little Pigs. I love getting a sneak peak at what’s happening behind the scenes, which is why I will also be contributing to the First Stage blog with more stories about who’s who and what’s what in production this season.

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